Your question: How do you clean mountain bike forks?

Clean your forks with water; a hose is best, but if you use a jet wash then turn the bike upside down first so, as not to force water inside the fork seals. Be sure to remove all dirt from the fork stanchions and around the seals, especially between the stanchions and fork arch at the front of the fork.

How often should MTB Forks be serviced?

FOX. FOX recommends a complete overhaul of the fork and shock every 125 riding hours, or yearly, whichever comes first. Of course, if you tend to ride aggressively, or in especially muddy or dusty conditions, you should get service sooner.

Can you use WD40 on bike forks?

Our favourite lubricant for refreshing fork seals is WPL ForkBoost. Whatever you use, it should preferably not be an aerosol. Please don’t use WD40, GT85 or any similar products! … Cycle the fork (push it down and let it return), and most of the dirt should come off and stick to the stanchions.

Can you use WD40 on bike suspension?

Yes you can use WD 40 on your chain…. The big problem is getting the WD 40 on the rubber seals in the rear wheel bearings, suspension bearings, and the BB bearings. The WD 40 can really clean up a chain…it is too light to stick around long enough to act as a good lubricant…

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What can you use for fork oil?

Peanut Butter, and in some cases jelly…………. Many motorcycle supply shops also sell fork oil if you’re having a hard time finding some. Massage oil is the real secret! After all you do want to keep the insides working good and what better way then to have massage oil working it.

How do I get rust off my mountain bike forks?

Removing Minor Rust From Mountain Bike Forks

  1. Put the white vinegar in a container. …
  2. Get some aluminum tin foil or a sponge and dip it into white vinegar. …
  3. Just leave the white vinegar on the rust for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Then scrub the offending parts thoroughly until the rust comes off.

Can you use silicone spray on bike suspension?

Silicone spray should be fine (wipe off any excess after applying) and isn’t causing dust to be picked up, good to use for cleaning stantions after bike has been washed. I just use GT 85, then pump the forks about 10 times.