Best answer: Can someone steal your motorcycle?

Just because no one has ever stolen your motorcycle before doesn’t mean that it won’t happen today. … All kinds of motorcycles are susceptible to being hoisted into the back of a van, from full-sized touring bikes to boring little beaters–anything can get snatched.

Can people steal my motorcycle?

How does it happen? Sometimes, it’s as easy as walking up to a bike, disabling anti-theft devices and locks, jump starting the engine, and hitting the road. It only takes one person. Motorcycle theft can happen anywhere, but those looking to steal a motorcycle will find a situation that makes it easy.

How easy is it for someone to steal your motorcycle?

How do thieves steal motorcycles? Sometimes it’s as easy as throwing a leg over and riding away. The thief walks up to your bike, disables anti-theft devices and locks, jump starts the engine and hits the road with your bike. … They target bikes that are easy to steal so it takes seconds and attracts little attention.

What happens if you steal a motorcycle?

Normally you assume it to be a misdemeanor with punishment from no jail time to up to a year. If the bike is valuable enough the theft would become a felony, punishable by more than one year in prison. The dollar value that determines whether the theft would be a misdemeanor or felony varies by jurisdiction.

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How do thieves start motorcycles?

Thieves often steal a bike by breaking the steering lock and wheeling it away. Use a chain lock through the back wheel (the front wheel can be removed). Secure your bike, with the lock taut to an immovable object such as a ground anchor or street furniture.

How can I secure my motorcycle?

For maximum protection, Kryptonite recommends using two locks: a disc lock, to prevent roll away theft, as well as a chain or u-lock that is fixed to an immovable object to prevent lift away theft. Make sure the chain or u-lock is capturing the frame of the motorcycle, as well as the immovable object.

What is the best way to secure a motorcycle?


Using a motorbike chain and lock is another good way to lock your motorcycle. as it stops thieves from picking up your bike if attached to an immovable object. Chains and padlocks are commonly fitted around the bike’s frame or around the wheel to prevent your motorbike being stolen.

How do you tell if a motorcycle has been stolen?

To tell if a motorcycle is stolen, you can have your local DMV run a VIN inspection, use online VIN inspection databases, contact your insurance and have them search their database, contact shops where the owner supposedly had the motorcycle serviced, notice any hesitancy from the seller, and see if the situation is …

What is the most stolen motorcycle?

Most stolen motorcycle makes in the United States in 2019

Characteristic Number of thefts
American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 8,122
Yamaha Motor Corporation 6,495
Harley Davidson, Inc. 4,737
American Suzuki Motor Corporation 4,686
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How illegal is stealing a bike?

The temporary taking of someone else’s bike or vessel is charged as a misdemeanor in California. If a defendant takes a bicycle, then the crime is punishable by: imprisonment in the county jail for not more than three months; and/or, a maximum fine of $400.