Best answer: How old is to old for motorcycle tires?

The general rule of the thumb when it comes to motorcycle tire age is to change your tires once they’re five years old from the date of manufacture. However, with good maintenance and regular checks at a professional motorcycle shop, they can last a bit longer.

Are 10 year old motorcycle tyres safe?

We recommend replacing any tyres that are more than ten years past the date they were made, but advise against buying or running used tyres that have an unknown history.

Are 15 year old motorcycle tires safe?

The tire’s wear surface dries out, and when it comes to the attributes you want in your bike’s tires, they cannot be safely resurrected. Most tire manufacturers try not to sell a tire that’s more than five years old. … This tire’s four-digit date code tells you it was made in the twentieth week of 2019.

Do motorcycle tires have an expiration date?

Motorcycle tires are covered for the life of the tire, 4 years from the manufacturer Date Code or until the tread depth reaches 1/32″.

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Do motorcycle tyres deteriorate with age?

Stored in optimum conditions in a dark room at a constant 20°C most tyres will remain in good condition for over five years. … When buying an older bike it is important to ask the dealer when the tyres were manufactured, even if they appear to have a good amount of tread left on them.

Are 8 year old motorcycle tires safe?

Motorcycle tires wear out from use, but they can also expire from age. … In fact, most tire companies put the “sell by” date somewhere out around five years from the date of manufacture. So unless you don’t expect to wear the tire out within five years from the date that’s stamped on the sidewall, don’t sweat it.

Are 9 year old motorcycle tires safe?

So, how old can motorcycle tires be and still be safe? At least five years is an ideal answer but with good tire maintenance and regular inspections. Great tires not only offer a more planted feel on the road but also improve your riding confidence.

How do you soften old motorcycle tires?

How to Soften Tires

  1. One way to soften tires is to use kerosene. It is best to do this two to three days before a race. …
  2. Mix one part paint thinner and one part diesel fuel together. …
  3. With the 36-inch grinding disk, rough up the surface of the tire. …
  4. Take a gallon of WD40 and soak the tires directly in this.

How old are tires still safe?

Some tire experts contend that tires can last anywhere from six to ten years if they’re stored and cared for properly. We recommend replacing tires aged 6-10 years, no matter how much tread remains.

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How do I tell the age of my tires?

To determine the age of your tires, check the last four digits of the U.S. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number stamped on the tire’s sidewall contains a date code that identifies the age of your tires.

How do you know when your motorcycle tire is expired?

Look on the outer sidewall for the acronym “DOT,” which should be followed by a series of numbers. The last four digits are what you need to determine when the tire was manufactured. The first two numbers represent the week, and the second pair indicates the year.

How long do motorcycle tires last unused?

To lay rest many a rider’s concern, the motorcycle tire does not become stale or compromised from storage as long as the storage space has sun coverage and is maintained at a reasonable temperature. The lifespan of a motorcycle tire is around 6-7 years with or without use.