How much does a motorcycle first service cost?

If you take it to a dealer they’ll typically charge you about $100-$150 for about 30 minutes work that you could easily do at home. The only time my R1 goes to the dealer is for valve adjustments or warranty work.

How much should a motorcycle service cost?

The Typical Cost of Servicing Your Motorcycle

A good rule is to expect to pay around $800 to $1,500 a year to maintain your ride, depending on the driving you do, the motorcycle you own, the environment you keep it in, and so on.

What is included in a motorcycle first service?

Continue system-by-system through the bike, checking the hardware on the steering and brakes. Also check the axles and pinch bolts, driveline, footpeg and handlebar mounts, and so on. At the initial service, it’s likely you’ll need to adjust cable freeplay.

Is the first service free on a new bike?

If you think you can do that yourself (hint: you can) then there’s no need to take it to a shop. However, a lot of shops will offer this service for free if you buy a bike from them, so if that’s the case you might as well. speak to where you bought it from. most shops give a free first service ime.

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How much does a motorbike service cost UK?

Here is a rough idea of what you might expect to pay for a motorbike service: Below 250cc: £80 – £130. 250cc – 600cc: £90 – £160. Up to 1000cc: around £180.

What does a motorcycle service include?

Every service will include vital maintenance like inspection of bulbs, clutch play, bearings, spark plugs, general nuts and bolts, suspension, exhaust, a change of oil and filters, as well as a look at coolant and brake or clutch fluid (where necessary).

How often should motorcycle be serviced?

As a general thumb rule, it is advised to service the motorcycle for every 3000 miles (or 5000 kilometres) of distance traveled. If your motorcycle is new, the first servicing should be done after travelling 500 miles (or 800 kilometres).

What happens in first service of bike?

The first service of a two wheeler is done at 500 -700 KM or one month of usage. During this service, Engine oil is changed and water service is done. … This service will include change of oil and other fluids.

When should you get your first oil change on a motorcycle?

Some people recommend changing the oil on a new motorcycle after that first 20-mile ride. Then again at 50 miles and at 200 miles. You can choose to do that. There’s no harm in doing it but it’s time-consuming and costly.

When should I service my new motorcycle?

Service intervals for your motorcycle will vary based on your model and your driving style, but, in general, you should ensure that your bike receives routine service every 500 to 600 miles or every six months, whichever comes first.

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Do we have to pay for first service?

First Service Cost

Generally, its the cleaning and vehicle inspection with screws tightened up during first Service. There are no Labor costs and no Parts cost – unless you tend to replace something.

What is meant by free service of bike?

Yea, the oil change is payable, free service just refers to a complete check up of the particular vehicle an some adjustments like tightening the breaks.

What does free servicing mean?

free service means bike company will not charge labour charge. Labour charge approx 150/service for bike.

How long does a bike service take?

One to two days, in most cases. We know you’d rather be riding your bike than have it sitting in the workshop for days. So our workshop is constantly buzzing to churn out top-notch services and repairs.

What is done in bike servicing?

Apart from these above mentioned tips, bike servicing also includes battery maintenance, checking fork oil after every 12,000 kilometres of usage, checking sprockets after every 40,000 kilometres of usage and replacing them if necessary.