What is r in motorcycles?

R (Motorcycle designation suffix) – Replica, Racer or Racing (eg. Yamaha YZF600R, BMW K1200R) RR (Motorcycle designation suffix) – Race Replica or Race Ready (eg. Honda CBR600RR, Kawasaki ZX-10RR) Race can – A lightweight, free breathing muffler.

What does the R mean in motorcycles?

Using an R suffix usually means things have to do with either racing or replica. … Racing, that is. Therefore, RR is used for both Race Replica or even Race-Ready.

What does the R stand for in 250R?

#5 · May 17, 2006. It means race. Was talking to a dealer and he said it means race, racer, or raceing. Any honda 2 stoke should have the R, and they do.

What is R and RR in bikes?

RR is for racing and road, R means road.

What does the R mean on Kawasaki Ninja?

The 2012 model drops the R suffix from its name. It is a middleweight, parallel-twin engined motorcycle, designed for normal use on paved roads. … The motorcycle fits above the Ninja 250R and Ninja 500R models, which already existed in Kawasaki’s sportbike lineup, which includes the Ninja ZX models.

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What does Honda CBR RR mean?

“The Honda CBR models are a series of Honda sport bikes several of which (400RR, 600RR, 900RR, 929RR, 954RR and 1000RR) are marketed as race replicas, having the suffix RR after the engine size designation.

What does GT stand for motorcycle?

The terms “grand tourer”, “gran turismo”, “grande routière”, and “GT” are among the most misused terms in motoring. The grand touring designation generally “means motoring at speed, in style, safety, and comfort”.

How fast can a CBR300R go?

CBR300R Acceleration

Honda CBR300R Acceleration
Speed Time
SS/KM 29.608/96 mph
SS/Mile 43.46/97.3mph
Top Speed 97.85 mph

What does XR stand for Honda?

XR= Cross country racer. XRL= Cross country/ Street legal. CR= Course racer. CRF= Course racer four stroke.

What does YZ stand for Yamaha?

YZ- Yamaha Zinger (another word for 2 stroke) at least thats what i’ve thought it was. SX- Supercross.

What does 1000 RR mean?

The “S” in this ridiculously powered German bike’s name stands for “sportbike.” 1000 indicates the engine size. The “RR” is the fun part. It means “race replica.” Many motorcycle enthusiasts already knew this, but there might be some that didn’t, and that’s ok. Now you know.

What RR means?

1. RR is a written abbreviation for rural route. [US]

What is the full form of CC in bike?

Meaning of CC in bikes

Cubic capacity or CC of the bike is the power output of the engine. The cubic capacity is the volume of the chamber of the bike’s engine. Higher the capacity, larger is the quantity of air and fuel mixture that can be compressed to produce power.

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What do the s mean when used in the name of a bike?

S (Motorcycle designation suffix) – Sport (eg. BMW F800S or Suzuki SV650S) SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers.