How do I connect my phone to my electric scooter?

How do I pair my MI electric scooter?

How to connect Xiaomi Scooter with Mi Home App

  1. Go to “Profile” – on the bottom right.
  2. enter “Settings”
  3. click “Region”
  4. select”China”
  5. Don’t forget to press “save”

How do I connect my phone to M365?

Using the Xiaomi Smart Phone App with Your Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

  1. Add the device, search for the electric scooter image and choose either the standard or Pro version.
  2. You can rename your scooter to be personalised if wanted.
  3. Add the device (scooter). …
  4. Then click ‘Let’s get started’ button.

What is the Xiaomi scooter app?

Ride statistics on the app

Simply pair Mi Electric Scooter via Bluetooth and use the app to view current speed, remaining power, and other real-time riding statistics. Firmware updates ensure that you always have the best riding experience possible.

What app do you need for scooter?

Best Navigation Apps for Electric Scooter Riders

Rank App Price
1 Google Maps Free
2 CityMapper $3.99 /mo
3 Komoot $4.99 /mo
4 Ride with GPS $5.99 /mo

What is KERS mode m365?

KERS min speed:

We believe disabling it improves motor lifetime with reduced wear/heat. You will notice the scooter picking up more speed when coasting without KERS, whereas before there’s an ever-so-slight drag. As the tool states, the motor still recuperates energy while braking.

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How can I download MI app?

At the very top of the Xiaomi App store pagte you will see Xiaomi store icon (like an orange bag) with a green button next to it. That’s the download option. Hit that and let the application download.

Why is my xiaomi scooter going slow?

Electric scooters most often go slow because of a low battery or an accidental switch into eco/beginner mode. However, flat tires, mechanical brake/hub issues, or even firmware bugs can also reduce your speed.

How do you Bluetooth a pure electric scooter?

To pair with the Pure app, your e-scooter must be turned on, and the Bluetooth on your mobile device turned on. From there, the e-scooter should be discoverable within the app and allow you to connect.

Does the electric scooter have an app?

The Pure Electric App is available to download from the Apple app store and Google Play store! Compatible with the Pure Air and the Pure Air Pro Bluetooth electric scooter, the app offers safe setup tips and support, an extended ride dashboard and ride stats, and more.